• Lavender Harvest Days July 10th-12th 2015

    Our 8th annual Lavender Harvest Days event is fast approaching. Save the Date July 10th-12th. We are also celebrating our 15th year in business. Wow! I can hardly believe that. I need to find some pictures of when we started. This was just a bare piece of pasture. Now everything is full and lush. Even the weeds. 

     This is when I kinda go into panic mode. Deadline for soap making is coming up. Soap has to cure so I really have to plan ahead.  I'll be making a lot of soap this week and next..

    Lavender Buds Soap today. I think a few more batches too. Lavender Rosemary & Mint, then Lavender Lemongrass and Lavender Oakmoss & Sandalwood. Yum!

    There is still lots to do around the farm. I wish there 2 of me. But no worries. It all comes together in the end and everybody has a great time. 

    Our Royal Velvet is starting to open up. Maybe a little early. I'll be cutting some bouquets Friday morning for a wedding. 

    Oh yeah, I better get on that soap making. 


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