• Lavender Sachet


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  • Description

    A muslin bag generously filled with lavender grown, picked and screened here at our farm.  We harvest our lavender at the optimal time to keep the aroma in the flowers when dried. 

    Lavender sachets are very useful in your home, office and  car.  They can be used for clothes storage, especially winter woolens,  ( lavender is a natural moth repellent) . Keep  in any clothes drawer to keep things smelling fresh.  Lavender sachets make great stocking stuffers at Christmas time or as favors for weddings and showers any time of the  the year! You may hang in in your car or put the bag next to your pillow to help you relax. There are some studies claiming lavender may alleviate stress and  may promote sleep. So be sure to take a deep inhale when you pick up a lavender sachet. Like the front says" Keep Calm and Carry On"!

    Squeeze sachet after you have had them for a while, even a year and you will release the aroma from the oil left in the the dried flower buds. 

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