• Lavender Fields Soap with Coconut Milk


  • $ 10.00

  • Description

    A beautiful and simple version of our best selling Lavender Buds Soap with out the lavender flower buds, Same Grosso Lavender Essential Oil grown and distilled right here at our farm.  Don't just wash but rather take ime to really breath in the aroma and get taken away even if it is just a few minutes, it could start  or end your day in a relaxing way. 

    Price is for 1 bar.

     Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Canola Oil,  Coconut Milk, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Castor Oil,  Rice Bran Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, (none left  in cured soap), Lavender Essential Oil, Sodium Lactate, Kaolin Clay, Ultra Marines (cl 77007)Titanium Dioxide,

    Approximetly 5.5-6.0  oz. 

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